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Moody Japanese house keeps things simple

Bunker-like on the outside, airy on the inside, the home centers around a sunlit courtyard.

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How postwar icon Joseph Eichler built a suburb in the middle of SF

The famed developer created affordable midcentury-modern designs smack dab in the heart of the city.

A sleek glass-and-concrete addition built into a hill

This modern extension of an old stone home in Navarra, Spain, is literally one with the landscape.

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A brief history of the Beaux Arts courthouse in SoMa

The Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals building reads like a love letter to granite and marble.

Simple modern home is all about the river views

With cleans lines, white walls, and relatively neutral furnishings throughout, the home does little to take away from its natural surroundings.

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Meditate on this minimalist home converted from a factory

In this serene home belonging to a woodwork enthusiast, it’s all about the subtle mixing of materials.

Dead mall transformed into urban park, complete with wading pool

Inventive Dutch firm MVRDV offers a novel take on what to do with abandoned malls with this project in Taiwan.

Gridded house wears structure on its sleeve

Exposing the green steel frame is both an aesthetic statement and a clever conceit for showing off the inner workings of the house.

Simple modern cabin blends in with its lakeside surroundings

Built from birch and pine, this cabin is a picture-perfect ode to its idyllic setting.

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A dreamy writer’s studio rises in the woods

Clad in fieldstone, bluestone, and glass, the 650-square-foot studio was custom-built for crafting poetry.

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Quirky midcentury house restored to original glory

The renovation celebrates architect Andrew Geller’s penchant for geometric whimsy.

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A guide to San Francisco’s many varieties of Victorians

This introduction will get you started on the city’s seemingly endless supply of buildings inspired during Queen Victoria’s reign.

Modern brick home surrounds a lush courtyard

Of course, the house has plenty of glass walls for embracing the greenery.

A playful converted warehouse custom-designed for an artist

Designed by architect Pía Mendaro for artist Clara Cebrian, this barebones but whimsical live-work studio is what happens when architecture meets art.

Renovated Japanese house features translucent facade

A "deformed roof" house in Hokkaido gets a quirky makeover.

Modern timber home lives large with elevated deck

Built from wood sourced from local lumber suppliers, the River House looks a little like a full-scale log cabin updated for the modern age.

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The history of Chinatown’s greatest landmarks

Block for block, no neighborhood has more stories.

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Historic church converted into airy coliving space

The building once served as a neighborhood church in Washington, D.C., and many of the building’s original features remain.

Eileen Gray gets her due with in-depth retrospective

A new show in New York City explores the designer-architect’s legacy far beyond the iconic modernist villa E.1027.

You can soon book a stay in an iconic giant wooden elephant on the Jersey Shore

Ever wondered what it’d be like to nestle into the belly of a Victorian wooden elephant? Here’s a chance to find out.

2020 Pritzker Prize goes to Yvonne Farrell and Shelley McNamara

The selection celebrates "honest architecture" that serves its inhabitants and the community.

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The world’s most beautiful homes are also down to earth

The new book The Art of Earth Architecture explores one of the oldest—and most ecologically sensitive—building techniques.

New line of prefab homes emphasizes custom design

OpenHome’s prefab designs can be customized based on the buyer’s site, layout needs, climate, and lifestyle.

Modern gabled house updates a tradition

This modern dike house draws on the surrounding architectural heritage while pushing the style forward.

Architect designs himself a dreamy vacation home with a white tower

The design pays homage to the villa’s Mediterranean location with whitewashed stone walls and plenty of outdoor space.

Barn-like house offers farm charm without the mess

At this painstakingly considered country house, wood and glass come together for a pristine look.

Minimalist prefab keeps the spotlight on nature

The sleek Birdbox retreat is available as a vacation rental in some of Norway’s most scenic regions—or for purchase.

Modern home cleverly slots into a void in the landscape

The two-story rectangular house slots into the void like a mismatched puzzle piece.

Home renovation puts dramatic sage green staircase center stage

The soothing steel structure cuts through the center of the house, stretching all the way up to a skylight.

‘Parasite’ modern mansion recreated in the Sims

A Sims player by the name of Simkoong Architect has crafted an impressively faithful digital recreation of the fictional location.

Wild Japanese home spreads over 16 different levels

There are no traditional stairs in the house, just wooden blocks that help the owners move from one platform to the next.

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Sleek charred wood cabin puts a twist on the A-frame

The inside is entirely clad in plywood, which contrasts with black accents throughout.

Renovated townhouse makes a crisp statement

This revamped Victorian townhouse features a minimal but sophisticated interior that’s all about clean lines and controlled pops of color.

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San Francisco’s tallest towers, mapped

In order of height starting with the tallest, here are the SF structures that stand proud and tall.

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A look at the Richmond District's architectural history

These westside structures deserve a second glance.

You can now stream PBS’s new documentary on legendary architect Paul Williams

This Black History Month, the legendary architect is getting his star turn as the subject of the new PBS documentary, Hollywood’s Architect: The Paul R. Williams Story.

These luxury prefabs are going fully off-grid

Dvele homes will now come with a new thermal envelope, solar power, and a backup battery system.

Barn-like modern home does simplicity right

The serene home cuts a striking geometric silhouette on 45 pastoral acres at the foothills of the Catskill Mountains in New York.

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The best things to do in SF this winter

Explore the city’s architecture, art exhibits, and outdoor attractions.