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I'm a New York–based writer interested in stories about how design reflects and affects culture: everything from the hidden inequality of streetscapes to how algorithms are reshaping our world and the environmental crisis.

I'm primarily interested architecture, urbanism, technology, and product design. Before coming to Curbed, I covered these topics and more at Co.Design and Dwell. I'm originally from the San Francisco Bay Area and studied art history and environmental policy at the University of California, Davis.

Design in the age of pandemics

Throughout history, how we design and inhabit physical space has been a primary defense against epidemics.

The pros and cons of homeownership in 2020

Homeownership used to be part of the American dream. Now it’s both a dream and a nightmare.

5 essential books to understand the housing crisis

It’s not your fault that you can’t afford a home—it’s government policy, ruthless banks, and discrimination.

To all the rooms I’ve loved before

Netflix’s newest teen romcom uses interior design to build its characters.

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The world’s most beautiful homes are also down to earth

The new book The Art of Earth Architecture explores one of the oldest—and most ecologically sensitive—building techniques.

How to shop like a maximalist

While some design styles take a more prescriptive approach and impose someone else’s taste, maximalism is about you.

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Inside the powerfully expressive world of maximalism

This vibrant and eclectic interior design style is one of the easiest to incorporate into your home.

Older Americans are aging in place. Are their homes ready?

A new Pratt exhibition explores the opportunities for design to make our later years more fulfilling.

For these 5 postmodern homes, less is a bore

A new book explores one of the 20th century’s most maligned—and misunderstood—design movements.

Isamu Noguchi’s fascinating quest to design the perfect ashtray

The midcentury artist’s failed attempt to create a universal tabletop accessory tells a deep story about how he perceived the power of sculpture.