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Why repainting my apartment was a crucial step in my healing process?

I didn’t have the resources to move out of my home, but I’d finally recovered the strength to transform it

How to get a mortgage when you’re self-employed

Yes, it’s possible, but you’ll have to do more paperwork than the average homebuyer. Here’s your strategy to put your best foot forward to the bank.

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Italian-style villa in California wine country asks $18M

The four-bedroom, six-bath residence sits on 57 acres just 15 minutes from downtown Sonoma.

Ikea’s newest collection wants to spruce up your indoor garden

Most of the lush line is made from handwoven natural fibers.

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One of Cambridge’s oldest houses is on sale

The 10-room, six-fireplace manse along Garden Street dates from 1810. That means the staircase and a lot of the cabinetry is historically protected.

In a disaster that calls for isolation, your community will help you survive

Preparing for coronavirus at home isn’t about shutting yourself in—it’s about reaching out.

Join Curbed for an online conversation on designing safer streets

We’re turning our SXSW panel into a webinar anyone can attend.

Coronavirus college closures leave students unsure about housing

As universities go online and dorms shut down, students scramble to find a place to stay

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Quirky midcentury house restored to original glory

The renovation celebrates architect Andrew Geller’s penchant for geometric whimsy.

Modern brick home surrounds a lush courtyard

Of course, the house has plenty of glass walls for embracing the greenery.

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A New Mexico furniture maker’s rental property becomes a custom home

"By the time it was done, I realized nobody was ever going to live in here but me."

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Donald Olsen’s midcentury-modern masterpiece hits the market

The architect built this Berkeley home in 1954 for himself and his family.

Architect gives Persian rugs a modern update using digital software

Designed with parametric modeling software, the new rugs achieve a similar visual complexity as the traditional art form.

How coronavirus is impacting the housing market

Stocks are tanking as the virus spreads. Will housing follow?

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See the incredible views from Hudson Yards’s sky-high observation deck

The highest observation deck in the Western Hemisphere is now open to thrill-seeking visitors.

A playful converted warehouse custom-designed for an artist

Designed by architect Pía Mendaro for artist Clara Cebrian, this barebones but whimsical live-work studio is what happens when architecture meets art.

The pros and cons of homeownership in 2020

Homeownership used to be part of the American dream. Now it’s both a dream and a nightmare.

Coronavirus could be deadly for the U.S. homeless population. Are cities doing enough?

Washing your hands and stocking up on food isn’t easy to do if you don’t have a permanent address.

What to expect from your home inspection

Before you place a bid on your dream home, here are a few things to know about home inspections—and why they’re so important.

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Picture-perfect contemporary asks $1.3M

Charleston may be known for its historic architecture, but this stunning contemporary proves the city offers more than just Southern charm.

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Neel Reid-designed showstopper with ‘Driving Miss Daisy’ ties fancies $2.7M

It’s marketed as a six-bedroom masterpiece in Druid Hills.

Light-filled Lake Tahoe rental makes a cozy getaway

The two-bedroom residence has 2,000 square feet of nearly continuous open floor plan intended to invite exploration.

Sprawling mountain retreat can house your whole family for $25M

This 93-acre alpine retreat in California recently took a $30 million price cut.

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12 Frank Lloyd Wright homes you can rent right now

From a Wisconsin cabin to a stunning Hawaiian house, we’ve rounded up 12 homes designed by Frank Lloyd Wright for your next vacation.

Renovated Japanese house features translucent facade

A "deformed roof" house in Hokkaido gets a quirky makeover.

Charred cork furniture collection is a chic take on the humble material

High on style, low in waste, Tom Dixon’s latest collection is made from cork that’s been charred to a black-ish brown.

Why we can’t build small homes anymore

The American obsession with large homes—a matter of culture, policy, and economics—restricts smaller, more affordable options.

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Historic church converted into airy coliving space

The building once served as a neighborhood church in Washington, D.C., and many of the building’s original features remain.

Modern timber home lives large with elevated deck

Built from wood sourced from local lumber suppliers, the River House looks a little like a full-scale log cabin updated for the modern age.

Protesters interrupt Biden rally over housing issues

The chant: "Joe Biden doesn’t have a housing plan for me!"

5 essential books to understand the housing crisis

It’s not your fault that you can’t afford a home—it’s government policy, ruthless banks, and discrimination.

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The world’s most beautiful homes are also down to earth

The new book The Art of Earth Architecture explores one of the oldest—and most ecologically sensitive—building techniques.

Beachfront midcentury time capsule asks $1.9M

The former home of Walter Farley, author of the ‘Black Stallion’ series, features Ocala block construction and terrazzo floors.

Curbed’s House Calls series is looking for a new writer

Curbed is looking for a contributing writer for our weekly home tour series, House Calls. Is it you?

Warm decor ideas to steal from a furniture maker’s home

From functional additions to homey accents, see how a furniture maker turned a garage into an intimate home.

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The living alone issue

Choosing to live by ourselves can feel freeing, calming, isolating, anxiety-inducing, or all of the above.

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Own a storybook cottage with Goldilocks ties

Now on the market for $1.3 million, the English countryside cottage was once home to the author of Goldilocks and the Three Bears.

What are the best candlesticks?

Designers and candle obsessives share their favorites, from all-natural picks to budget-friendly finds.

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Want a prefab house? Here’s everything you need to know

Prefab home manufacturers bill their houses as cheaper, more sustainable, and quicker to build. But what exactly is a prefab home, and do they live up to these claims?