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New line of prefab homes emphasizes custom design

OpenHome’s prefab designs can be customized based on the buyer’s site, layout needs, climate, and lifestyle.

Minimalist prefab keeps the spotlight on nature

The sleek Birdbox retreat is available as a vacation rental in some of Norway’s most scenic regions—or for purchase.

These luxury prefabs are going fully off-grid

Dvele homes will now come with a new thermal envelope, solar power, and a backup battery system.

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A luxury shipping container home designed for fire-prone areas

Buhaus, a combination of "Malibu" and "Bauhaus", is an elevated take on the shipping container home, emphasizing clean lines and functionality.

Modern prefab row houses embrace solar power

The custom-designed roofs are angled to capture the maximum amount of sunlight.

New modular prefabs designed to be backyard homes

Ranging from 388 to 491 square feet, kitHAUS’s latest models cater to the booming ADU market.

Futuristic prefab home comes with AI assistant

Nestron’s Cube models come outfitted with built-in furniture, solar panel roofs, and an AI assistant named Canny.

Muji’s new prefab home supports aging in place

The Yō no Ie House comprises a single floor that stretches into an open 800-square-foot, one-bedroom layout.

The 5 most impressive prefab homes of 2019

Inventive and ready to order, these designs range from stylish backyard dwellings to a sleek floating home.

Moody modern house raises the bar for kit homes

We think we’d want to live in this "experiential showroom"—and that’s the point.

New modular prefab homes come in a wide range of sizes

Plant Prefab’s latest ADUs were developed in response to temporary housing needs after the Woolsey Fire.

Solar-powered prefab home comes move-in ready’s 3D-printed homes are designed to retain as much heat and energy as possible.

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Modern prefab A-frame asks $746K in Snoqualmie Pass

Less than two miles from the Summit at Snoqualmie and a mile from Hyak Sno-Park, this A-frame has a classic, woodsy design—but it’s anything but rustic.

Simple house on stilts makes a budget-conscious mountain retreat

It’s got all the necessities—plus views—for a retired couple in Taiwan.

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Take a look at San Jose’s first pre-approved, Scandinavian-inspired ADU

Minimalist prefab home starts at $199,000.

Sleek prefab cabins adapted into pre-approved ADUs

Bay Area housing startup Abodu tapped U.K. studio Koto to turn its minimalist prefab homes into city-approved ADUs.

Kanye West’s ‘Star Wars’-inspired dome home prototypes get the wrecking ball

Three prefab home prototypes have been demolished, with one more slated to come down by September 15.

Ikea is designing prefab homes for people with dementia

An offshoot of the company’s work in affordable housing, the flatpack homes include a few design tweaks that help dementia patients live independently for longer.

This modern house was built from over 600,000 recycled plastic bottles

The single-level house, which cost approximately $375,000 to build, can withstand winds of up to 326 mph.

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Seattle-designed prefab backyard cottage runs completely on solar power

The goal is an environmentally friendly, reliable build that costs less than conventional construction

This mini prefab cabin is a playhouse adults will envy

The Ilo is designed with three walls and a fourth that remains open to let plenty of fresh air into the room.

Prefab kit home comes together like Lego bricks

Two years after launching as a concept on Indiegogo, Ecokit has evolved into a prefab home system that’s ready for building.

This solar-powered prefab home took over Times Square

Built of 18 prefab "Lego-style" components, the 900-square-foot design brought a sustainable vision of the future to the tourist mecca this month.

Amazon’s viral $7K tiny house is back in stock

Measuring 172-square-feet, the backyard guesthouse takes two people just eight hours to build.

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Inside LVL, the city’s tallest modular building coming to West Philly

It’s officially opening this month

Algorithms designed this backyard mother-in-law unit

Computer-aided designs can help make designing and building more efficient and cheaper.

Bright yellow prefab house shines in the woods

A new house from architect Alejandro Soffia cuts through the dense greenery of Pucón, Chile, like a ray of sunshine.

Floating prefab tiny home is not your average houseboat

Kodasema’s new minimalist design, the Koda Light Float, sits atop of pontoons, allowing it to float at a dock or hitch to a boat.

Prefab tiny cabin inspired by the airplane arrives flatpacked

The cabin is lightweight enough to stand on stilts or hang from a tree like a giant ornament.

Midcentury-inspired prefab delivers affordable style

New Hampshire-based Yankee Barn Home is a post and beam company that has built luxury prefab barn homes since 1969.

Modern prefab cabin is now available to order

Monocabin measures 280 square feet and is easy to assemble, thanks to the modular concrete panels that make up its walls.

‘Right-sized’ prefab smart home now available to order

The sustainable design measures a comfortable 760 square feet.

The 7 most impressive prefab homes from 2018

Here’s a look back at standout prefab projects this year, from a "right-sized" eco-friendly smart home to dreamy aquatic retreats.

Prefab ‘plug-in houses’ help revitalize dilapidated buildings

These low-cost housing modules make centuries-old structures habitable again without demolition.

This simple prefab library was built in seven days

The project, headed up by Dot Architects, is part of the WikiHouse open source architecture platform, which makes building plans available to the public to download for free.

‘Co-living’ in an abandoned mall? This startup is making it happen

Vivahouse wants to create affordable housing stock by building modular prefab rooms that can be rapidly installed inside another building.

Yves Béhar debuts a line of prefab homes

The line of customizable homes is designed to alleviate urban housing shortages and take advantage of California’s encouragement of accessory dwelling units (ADUs).

5 cool prefab homes you can order right now

They come in all shapes and sizes and show just how sophisticated the prefab house has become.

These tiny prefab cabins let you live anywhere in the world

The cabins are aimed at "urban nomads," an upwardly mobile, city-hopping young professional whose concept of home has spurred a movement of flexible, stylish, hotel-like living arrangements.